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No pretende pronunciar un discurso oscuro ni hacer cosas raras ni erigirse en pedagogo. La luz y la niebla hacen estremecer a la platea. February 9 , by: www. Eine szenische wie stimmliche Glanzleistung.

February 4 , by: Tbilisi,Georgia, "Nikoloz Lagvilava receives opera critics' acclaim in German premiere of 'Othello'. Georgian opera singer Nikoloz Lagvilava has received critical acclaim for his performance in a premiere of Othello at the Aalto Music Theatre in Essen over the weekend. Lagvilava's appearance in the role of Iago in the Verdi classic was noted by critics who pointed out how the baritone "showed that Iago is the principal character" in the work, presented at the venue in Germany's east on Saturday.

Coming in a multi-show bill, the premiere for the work featured musical direction by Matteo Beltrami and production by Roland Schwab. Lagvilava was flanked by Gaston Rivero in the principal role of Othello, while Gabrielle Mouhlen was cast as Desdemona in the four-act show. The Georgian singer will be involved in the cast for the remaining bills of the opera, spanning through 28 June at the German theatre. The baritone has been featured in opera classics at the venue including Rigoletto.

Later joining the joining the academy of the famed Teatro alla Scala in Milan, the singer also performed at venues including Norway's National Opera and Ballet Theatre and the Bolshoi Theatre of Moscow. Mi potevi scagliar February 4 , by: mischabach. Februar Im Krieg und in der Liebe ist alles erlaubt, behauptet ein Sprichwort. Ergo nehme ich an, Roland Schwab wollte es so und nicht anders. Aber was will er da? Will man mir so unbeholfen das Meer und den Sturm ausmalen, als reichten meine Fantasie und Verdis Musik dazu nicht aus?

Oh je. Was soll man dazu sagen? Drei Stunden gebannte Stille im Parkett, dann lauter Jubel. Der Verdi-Bann am Aalto-Theater ist gebrochen. Wer nicht hingeht, ist selber schuld. Schwab streicht alles andere Personal von der Szene. February 3 , by: www. Rezension der besuchten Premiere v. So sollte es sein, denn so geben es Libretto und Musik vor.

Es zeigt sich im hervorragend gemachten Interview des lohnenden Programmheftes, dass das kein leeres Gerede ist. Seine Gedanken sind so naheliegend wie nachvollziehbar. Da kennt man nur Freund und Feind und ist, zumindest zuhause, auf sein biederes Saubermann-Image bedacht. Man denkt an die heute nachwirkenden Kriegstraumata der Vietnam-Heimkehrer oder Afghanistan-Deformierten.

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Am Ende schnappen alle ausgelegten Fallen zwangsweise zu, so dass Desdemona kein Entrinnen bleibt. Spannender, gruseliger geht es kaum noch. Bravi a tutti! Der Regisseur sieht sie als eine Projektionsfigur in einer Parallelwelt Otellos. Ein Chor-Ensemble, auf das man zu Recht stolz sein kann. October 4 , by: Von Roland H. October 1 , by: www. Am Samstag, Ulf Schirmer. Meagan Miller, die als Minnie bereits international erfolgreich war, singt die Titelpartie.

Zu nett und durchschaubar wirkt sein Bandit. The revisions - it took five versions to arrive at the standard one usually heard today - tightened the structure to focus unpityingly on the tragedy of the year old Cio-Cio-San.

Much more than documents.

Its setting rarely benefits from updating or attempts to point up some obvious 'modernity'. You want imperial bullying, the patronising of 'quaint' native local customs, pressure to abandon Eastern religion for a Western one, paedophilia, sex tourism, ruthless exploitation of female vulnerability by male dominated cultures? It's all there in the libretto and score. If it was premiered today, in the Metoo era, there would be an outcry.

But in the high culture setting of an opera festival, we can be invited to witness the destruction of an innocent young person, and to the most glorious music. Only Billy Budd has approached it since in this respect. The task of any production is to show us clearly what the text both says and implies, and Puccini's music will do the rest.

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This is exactly what happens in Savonlinna's very fine production. The setting is traditional, Japan at the turn of the last century. So at the beginning we get a small home with sliding thin walls, encouraging Pinkerton's sly observation that the "monthly renewable year" marriages here are flexible just like the houses.

No need to show a distant prospect of Nagasaki harbour, as real seagulls can be heard occasionally just beyond the high walls of the covered courtyard performance space of the water-girt Olavinlinna Castle. How do you make this large space, ideal for Tristan's neglected Kareol or Bluebeard's sepulchral home, into an arcadian Asiatic hilltop? The lighting is subtly evocative, and the very wide stage has its middle third or so filled with Butterfly's new home, leased with Pinkerton's US dollars for the purpose of "pleasure" ahead of the day he marries a "real American wife".

The levels and entrances the castle wall offers are used very effectively, not least by about 20 black-clad masked figures who assist the setting at various points, bringing in red lanterns for the love duet, and white ones for the Humming Chorus, which can rarely have ever been more evocatively set. These sinister extras also act as a silent 'Greek chorus' reacting to the action at certain points, eventually prostrating themselves at Butterfly's suicide. Perhaps they are harbingers of death as well - it is difficult not to think of Isis when they first appear.

Otherwise costumes are the conventions of the place and time, though it is a nice touch that Cio-Cio-San - or "Mrs B. Pinkerton" as she heartbreakingly insists - becomes a little more American in her dress once married and in possession of an "American home". The cast for this revival is a fine one. The Pinkerton of Gaston Rivero makes a noble sound for such an ignoble figure, his ringing head notes helped by the spacious reverberance of the acoustic.

He was powerfully ardent in the love duet, impatient to enjoy his purchase, although he attempted little softer singing, which must be a challenge in this space. His long-breathed final "Addio, mio fiorito asil", a late addition by the composer to make Pinkerton less of a swine, had the usual effect of making him a self-pitying swine - fine singing is not always a route to sympathy in opera!

Sharpless was Claudio Otelli, who acted and sang impressively as the moral compass Pinkerton ignores, and Mareike Yankowski's Suzuki, although she has no more luck getting Butterfly to see sense, sounded an ideal soulmate, blending well with her mistress in the flower duet. But casting must always be strongest in the title role, and this performance was a triumph for Sae-Kyung Rim.

Fragile enough to pass for the year old of Act 1, she grows in stature to embrace self-sacrifice rather than endure dishonour - this role requires, and Rim's performance delivers, a convincing passage from childish naivety to a tragic acceptance that shames all those who would have shamed her. There is a reason that Butterfly has the highest blub factor in the repertory, for it is not only for Cio-Cio-San that we weep, but for ourselves. For once this most famous of Puccini soprano arias actually deserved to stop the show, which it duly did.

Not only then, but throughout, the orchestra sounded like veterans of the opera house, and the chorus is of similar calibre. Kalle Kuusava is the latest conductor from Helsinki's extraordinary Sibelius Academy production line, and his command and commitment here was worthy of his famous predecessors. Da questo punto di vista, Manon Lescaut rappresenta nella storia del teatro d'opera una sorta di spartiacque tra la concezione dell'amore romantico e quella dell'amore piccolo-borghese.

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Il fuoco oscuro della passione disperata che cova dentro la musica divampa a partire dal secondo atto come fiamma divorante. Considerate certe idee tematiche della musica e la struttura iterativa della vicenda scandita dalle fughe e dai ritorni della protagonista, possiamo anche supporre che nell'opera la condizione umana sia vista come una sorta di "coazione a ripetere".

Il regista inglese colloca l'azione su una piattaforma sospesa sopra una discarica visibile fin dal primo atto. Efficace il coro preparato da Vito Lombardi. L'incontro fra Manon e Des Grieux avviene in un luna park, fra icone neo-pop alla Jeff Koons: tirassegni, orsi giganti e cigni volanti su cui alla fine, con un espediente surreale, fuggono i due giovani.

Nel quadro successivo si assiste a un brusco cambio di registro che proietta lo spettatore in pieno clima tragico ed espressionista. La regia si muove di conseguenza, movimentata anche da scene d'azione di impronta quasi cinematografica.

L'epilogo, come accennato, si svolge tra i rifiuti e il fango della discarica, mentre dall'alto della scena alcuni studenti, compagni d'un tempo, assistono impassibili - come se si trattasse di una lezione di morale - al degrado di un amore e alla fine di Manon. Dal semplice resoconto si capisce quali siano i limiti dell'allestimento: l'accumulo eccessivo di idee e le conseguenti, inevitabili forzature.

DIABOLIK (61): La maledizione della perla nera (Italian Edition)

La prima propone ancora una volta un personaggio scenicamente credibile, capace di restituire anche il lato adolescenziale, fragile e malizioso di Manon. Ricordo anche il puntuale Edmondo di Andrea Giovannini. Efficace il coro preparato da Vito Lombardi".

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