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Some are edgings around linen centers, some are all-crochet. Complete crochet instructions and full information for making six small and one large basket. Instructions for stiffening basket included. Instructions and charts for filet crochet doilies, table linens, pillow covers, placemats and centerpieces; Emblem of Freedom Symbol of Roosevelt's Depression-era recovery effort ; rooster, cornucopia, edgings, and a collar.

Crochet pattern for round six-wedge doily in filet crochet, featuring daffodils. Prose instructions, no chart for motif, US terms. Placemats, rugs, pot holders, towel trims, seat covers. Crochet directions and charts for filet crochet lace pieces intended for church and devotional use. Includes panels and frontals, a funeral alb, insertions and edgings for altar linens. Many of these charted designs can be adapted for cross-stitch or darned net filet.

Includes regular crochet, hairpin crochet, and a corner butterfly to be accented with embroidery. Sets of mittens, scarf, socks, hat in various combinations. Charted designs of knitted snowman decorations and cars on the knitted items. Includes corners and side motifs that can be combined to make up pieces ov various sizes.

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Dazzling stylized tapestry or cross stitch designs - charts for cushion, bag, chair back. Knitting instructions for a sleeveless sweater in various sizes.

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  6. Very likely a wartime publication. From the earlier, much shorter Complete Course of Dressmaking. Clothes etiquette, body types, ages, coloring, color wheel, sewing machines, hand sewing, other equipment. Dressmaking instructions for drafting, cutting sewing, and finishing, with special emphasis on layout, cutting, seaming and binding.

    You are going to love these free crochet rug patterns because they are unique and fun to make.

    All sample projects are house dresses and aprons. Materials, trimmings and how to sew them on, patterns, brassieres, chemises, drawers, bloomers, nightgowns, petticoats. Complete layette, materials, trimmings, stitches, pattern making, darts, finishing.

    Construction methods, collars, cuffs, yokes, sleeves. Cutting, different coat styles and their construction, working with heavier fabric, linings. Romper, straight-hanging dress, guimpe dress, blouse with buttoned-on skirt, middy and pleated skirt, a party dress, petticoat, drawers, sleeping drawers, nightgown. Circular skirt, gored skirt, skirt with yoke. Drawings show the layout of pattern pieces and some details of sewing.

    It is the object of this book to set forth the quickest and best method for every operation, in sewing. Small hardcover book, intended as reference for sewing techniques. From the collection of Sytske Wijnsma, scanned and edited by Sytske Wijnsma.

    Over 200 Free Crocheted Afghan Patterns at

    Transferred to Rijksmuseum Research Library Trimmings for cotton dresses, silk frocks, cloth dresses, suits, blouses, underwear, children's clothing. How to Drape: Fitted lining, coat, skirts. Materials and how to test them, Renovating notes, Removal of stains, Dyeing materials. House dress, Straight-hanging dress, Long-waisted dress, Russian Blouse dress.

    Each with a sketch of the pattern layout and instructions on cutting and making.

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    3. Undicht: Band 2 der Unsäglichen-Reihe (German Edition).
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    6. Simon, Friends, and the Dream Stealer: Book One.
    8. Scans donated by Sytske Wijnsma, edited by Sytske Wijnsma. Description of making a blouse, trousers, bloomers, buttoned-on trousers, Russian blouse suit, sailor suit, underwaist and drawers. Drawings illustrate the details of sewing and the lay-out of pattern pieces. A description of a march for sixteen children in a rose costume.

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      The costume is described as well. The advertisements mention many more such publications. Charted design reproduced from an original showing a coral wreath and center motif on a black ground - a very popular and stylish design of the time.

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      Original redraft plus modern recharting and DMC color key. Design suitable for Berlin woolwork, needlepoint, cross-stitch or beading. Edgings, medallions, squares and camisole yokes, including spider and filet patterns.

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      More classic edgings, insertions, medallions, squares, doilies, and fringes, including spider patterns and a wonderful grape border. Yokes, edgings and bedroom caps, baby caps, tray cloth, monograms, cluny lace doilies. The filet patterns include a large butterfly, a peacock and patterns for Elk Lodge, Modern Woodmen of America, Shriners. A craft leaflet describing how to plait so-called corn dollies, a tradition dating back to pre-Christian times.

      Permission to publish graciously given by the Herefordshire Federation of Women's Institutes, edited by Sytske Wijnsma. Handpainted chart for a delicate corner design and flower spot motif. Unknown origin, unknown date. Probably German. Combines block units with linear stitching. Suitable for cross-stitch with double running or back stitch. Photos of example trims and collars, no instructions. Crochet stitch guide, patterns for crocheted laces, Irish Crochet motifs butterflies , slippers, bags, a gentleman's scarf, boudoir caps, crocheted lace baskets, coasters, knit and crocheted ladies' scarves, sweaters, dressing jackets, hats, shawls, child's sweater.

      Patterns for crocheted vanity box, slippers, yokes, hat trim, fasteners, collars, sweater, buttons, silk bag, cushion, edgings, motifs, doilies, napkins and napkin rings, baby hats and slippers. Knitting patterns for baby and child items, afghan, gentleman's silk hose, lady's silk jacket. Fashion: Florence, MA slippers, hats, collars, speater, baby items, jacket.

      Crochet stitch instructions, including more complicated stitches such as roll stitch and star stitch. Patterns for crocheted silk men's ties, a knitted tie, doilies, luncheon sets, filet patterns, some exquisite edgings, tatted baby items, scarves, yokes, caps, patterns for doll items. Knitting and crochet instructions, with some interesting fancy stitches, patterns for men's, women's and children's sweaters, baby blankets and clothes, silk purses, hats, shawls, socks, gloves, military and hospital items.

      Some of the sweaters are surprisingly modern. Lovely useful articles such as a militaire coat, a liberty coat, a coat, an infants crocheted set, aubomobile helmet, sailors beanie, and many more. Starts with advertising Corticelli yarns, then the basic knitting stitches, and then straight into the patterns.

      Some items look modern even now. Delicate crocheted blouse, edgings, doilies, insertions, yokes, Irish Crochet, bags, hats, slippers, men's ties, and a lampshade. Filet charts, including church lace and alphabets.