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The author then explores the development of New Testament faith in the context of the Roman empire with special emphasis on the impact of Sabbath observance on the developing Christian church and the emergence of Sunday as a day of worship.

Beyond Pitcairn

The record of the Sabbath and Sunday is then carried down to modern times. The author argues that the Sabbath has special significance for our times. Author: the Editor of Harvestime Books.

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Email Required. Review Subject Required. During my stay there were two tourists who had taken the opportunity to visit Pitcairn. They both spent only a few days on the island but left entranced by their visit, wishing they had more time. They both particularly enjoyed staying in Home Stays, sharing the homes and lives of islanders and found the easy interaction with the community an unexpected highlight.

As you would expect on a remote and small island, the community of 21 homes and around 50 people, many of whom are related, is tight-knit and community activities are frequent and help keep the bonds strong. Shared meals, when the community bring dishes and eat together in the town square occur often, the public notice boards announced community events and all homes have VHF radios tuned to channel 16 over which public announcements and messages are relayed.

As well as community events that help maintain ties and communication the islanders are also energetically engaged in the politics and administration of their island, with an elected Island Council and Mayor working with the British Government to run Pitcairn.

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Shared meals are a frequent event on Pitcairn. Ships and their passages and passengers have always been part of Pitcairn life and its survival.

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Food and other supplies also come by sea and the islanders have been expert traders since the island was rediscovered, after the isolation enjoyed by the mutineers, in The modern day islanders are resourceful and entrepreneurial, traits they probably inherited from the first inhabitants and that they have perfected in the subsequent years. Everyone I spoke to acknowledged the importance of this trading relationship, and almost every household manufactures or designs curios that are sold to the cruise ships that land each year.

The island website details the schedule of ship arrivals in recognition of their importance to the island culture and economy.

Exploring Pitcairn Island by Drone

Pitcairn resident, Nola Warren making baskets to be sold to tourists and cruise ships. Pitcairn is a small and steep-sided island. The route from the Landing to the homes of Adamstown is called the Hill of Difficulty and many of the other paths deserve equally strenuous names.

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  6. In the short time I had on the island I managed to walk many of its precipitous tracks and roads and to enjoy the isolation of the place. The walking routes can be challenging with steep inclines and slippery descents, and I had only a few short days to explore.

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    Pitcairn Islands

    With the nearest landmass being nearly 3, miles away, the waves here can be huge. St Pauls Pool. The Pitcairn community and National Geographic were the co-signatories of the proposal and other partners, including Blue Ventures, have added their weight to the project in recent months. The science and tourism appeal and conservation benefits of the reserve would be immense and I along with all interested parties await with baited breath for the UK government to consider the proposal and respond with their decision.

    Richard is our managing director, based in London. He first joined BV as a volunteer with an expedition to Andavadoaka, Madagascar in He was so moved by this experience that shortly after returning to London, he left his career in commercial broadcasting and went back to Andavadoaka as expeditions manager.