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Parents and doctors should not simply assume that children who are afraid of the dark are seeking attention or suffering from an irrational fear, warns Dutton.

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Existing subscribers, please log in with your email address to link your account access. Paid annually by Credit Card. Inclusive of applicable taxes VAT. Trending Latest Video Free. And grateful that they are not blind. But she can go away proud that she was sensitive enough to try walking around with a blindfold in an effort to simulate being blind. We spend miserably difficult months with remarkably dedicated orientation and mobility trainers learning how to do simple things, like walk outside and mail a letter.

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I started losing my eyesight in , when I was 25 years old. Before then, I had a job advising college students who wanted to study overseas.

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The job entailed talking with students, checking out what programs might work for them, phoning different college departments or other universities to arrange for the transfer of college credits. My boss, however, was equally sure I could not. I tried proving her wrong. I quit driving or riding my bike, but I could still see well enough to walk to work with a walking cane my husband Mike and I happened to have bought one as a souvenir during our honeymoon in Scotland months before, when I could still see perfectly well.

Blind Fear

As my eyesight got worse, I started making mistakes in the office. One morning I spilled grounds all over the floor on my way to make the morning coffee.

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I sat inches away from my computer screen to see the words. I ran into tabletops.

Media Panic Causes Sports Leagues to Ban Periscope in Blind Fear Over False Threat

By the end of that year, I had lost my sight completely. The Americans with Disabilities Act had not been passed yet. My contract was terminated.

My confidence was shattered. How could I have been so naive?

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Did I really think I was worth hiring? After some soul-searching, I realized that with my personality I might be able to do more for the blind community by getting outside of it.

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