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Ghost Hunters — “Season 12 Episode 11” >> Blood on the Bayou

EDIT Thank you for helping to keep the podcast database up to date. And she loved Quinn. Go figure. But things were different now. A person even her father had trusted. His words trilled. Billie had come to America with her father from Scotland. I just want you to know, Miss Danni Cafferty, I made good money in me younger years standing on the streets with me hat out.

You should have seen the folks throwing bills in it when I played. I love it when you play. Who she recognized. David Fagin. She greeted him, curious because of his anxious manner. David was an old friend. David had dropped by a dozen times, but today he seemed to not be on a buying excursion.

She noticed how David shifted on his feet and kept looking around, as if someone were after him. Every once in a while it was still difficult to reconcile all that had happened in the last several years. Tall, sturdy, and gruff, the perfect Highlander with his rich accent, booming voice, strength, and kindness.

On buying trips. Only after his death had she learned that they had been anything but. Oh yes, Angus Cafferty had been a collector.

Did you get it?

At the Cheshire Cat they sold local art, jewelry, clothing, and some more unusual items. Angus had especially loved unique pieces, one-of-a-kind carved masks, Egyptian trinkets, religious artifacts, custom items.

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One of the display cases had been created from an authentic Egyptian sarcophagus. A display in the left window featured a Victorian coffin, a turn-of-the-century mannequin, and a 19th century vampire hunting kit. The right window held local lore.

Among them, a beautiful, young witch who had cursed him at her death. But Angus had also acquired the dangerous. Items best described as having evil upon them. And as the inheritor of the business, she now was their owner.

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A nod to Billie and he understood to cover the store. Danni poured coffee as David surveyed the kitchen. She laid two cups of coffee on the kitchen table and sat to join him.

Blood on the Bayou

His fingers drummed nervously. He looked at her, his dark eyes haunted and serious. Quinn was a licensed private investigator. She wished Quinn was here now. Killed him horribly, about a minute before we reached him. There was still blood in the water. His head was bashed in, skull cracked like an egg, throat torn out. Libby Fischer Hellmann. Reunion with Death. Curses, Boiled Again! Shari Randall. The Travis Club. Mark Louis Rybczyk. The Tempest. James Lilliefors. Mark Sisson. The Travel Writer.

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