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Bryan Adams: We also got a lot better at working together, because while we were both experienced canoers, we had honestly only been in canoe together a couple times before.

CL: Canoeing with another person involves a lot of teamwork. Do you have any tips for how people can work together?

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BW: Rope, for basically everything. Rigging anything, harnessing yourself to the canoe in case of an emergency. BA: Matches or flint stone—something to start fire. BW: Duct tape, which I would use for any kind of repair.

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If you put a hole in the canoe, you could probably repair it with duct tape. It would at least last long enough to get you to shore. BA: We sometimes spent half of our day taking pictures, trying to get a good shot of the wildlife we came across. Where are some of your favourite places to paddle in cottage country?

BW: Algonquin Park. The Riviere-Rouge is a beautiful place to canoe, but so is everywhere in that region of the country as well as into Ontario and even upstate New York. Discover Cool New Gear. Caribbean 12 FS by Eddyline Kayaks. Have a product you'd like to review? Submit a Review.

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New Arrivals. Home Learn Canoe Portage Tips. Canoe Portage Tips by Brad Jennings. Here's a few tips to make that portage a little bit easier. By Kevin Callan.

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