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His wife was in her early thirties, but she had a number of small children, not exactly a candidate for elopment. In fact, at the time the marriage broke up, James seems not to have been stationed with the regiment but at Bareilly, where he was adjutant to the recruiting depot there. He was an able companion of Wellington in Spain; later ambassador to Vienna. He was half brother of Castleraegh the statesman. He had been Col of 10th Hussars, the regiment of both Leigh and Bridgeman, from to He later became Prince Regent during the reign of Otto.

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In fact, there was no judge named Lumley in all of India. But he also had two single sons who might also have been marriage prospects. He was a widower, but he had two single sons. He had been a prince since ; widower since Robert Shelten born Co. A bit of fantasy that Goldberg took literally. August LM's attorney in Munich; lived at Residenzstr. I know of no evidence for this and suspect it is an invention of Holdredge. This is part of the foolishness Wyndham used to pad out his book. James that LM stayed a month, that Lennox paid the bills and stopped there daily, staying till all hours of the night.

Aloys or Anselm? Harvard Theatre Collection has LM letter to him, probably written in Grass Valley see the microfilm in this collection , and a record of the auction sale of a letter of introduction she wrote for him to a Philadelphia editor. I can find no other record of Mauclerc. He may have been the author of the false correspondence with LM in an effort to promote himself. Kalergi in Oct of ; LM certainly knew someone named Kalergi. There was a noble family of Meller-Zakomelsky in Russia. See his letter to Ludwig in Bayerische Staatsbibliothek.

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This is total nonsense. Menken was nowhere near NYC at the time. Holdredge speaks of their correspondence, which is another of her unaccountable wild fantasies. There is absolutely no evidence the two of them ever met, and it is unlikely they ever did meet. Apparently Jeanette quit very suddenly, leaving LM without a maid.

See the notes between LM and Ludwig in May He wrote letters about LM to sister.

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He sold the Mill Street cottage to LM. He mentions in his diary that he almost took same boat to England with LM in April 49, but this was an error, as LM was already in England; LM claimed in her memoirs that Brougham took her to meet him at Richmond, but considering the absolute aversion Metternich displays in his diary, it is extremely unlikely he would have consented to meet her even if Brougham brought her around, and such a meeting would have been the first thing she wrote Ludwig about.

Another LM lie. He wrote a book of poems about LM's house, among other things. He lived at Lerchenstr. The embassy was at Briennerstr. I can find no evidence for this. John Lawrence Head of the City Court Mission in Melbourne, he tried to swear out warrent to arrest LM for Spider Dance but the magistrates were reluctant to act, particularly since he had not witnessed the dance himself.

Very unlikely. Just who he was and how he knew LM, I do not know. I know of no evidence to support this, although Wyndham does not seem to have invented stories about LM, although he was rather credulous about the stories he did run across. It seems certain that LM bought the cottage from Gilmor Meredith, and I have no idea where Holdredge got all these crazy stories about Jennie Moore, which she recounts at great and boring length.

She mentions LM in her memoirs of Australia, but her account is extremely unreliable. His statement that LM was careless in matters of personal hygiene is unsupported by any other evidence I have seen. LM seems to have know him.

Lola Montez

Varnhagen records in his diary in December that he had read an article about Savile Morton throwing a Mr. He seems like the type LM would have attracted.

He had been in the East Indian Army, but resigned his commission on 28 February after undistinguished service. He arrived in Munich in the spring of , and Ludwig made him a chamberlain in October. He fled Munich as soon as things heated up. He seems to have beeen an opportunist of the rankest sort and not particularly bright. See his correspondence with Ludwig in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek. He suggested the idea of the Alemmanen and wanted to turn the Bavarian civil service into an intelligence operation. According to Q, he was the violinist at LM's London debut, but this is unlikely.

Later wrote to Paskevitch about her antics in Warsaw. In her autobiographical lectures, LM claimed he received her in St. Petersburg despite her trouble in Warsaw and that he paid her Rubles compensation after he accidentally locked her in a closet after secret consultations with her about the Caucasus. He had married Anne Badcock 21 Sept They had many daughters and a single son. Craigie asked Nicolls to put LM to school, which he apparently did by sending her to the Aldridge Academy in Bath, where she remained until Most of the details LM gives of her relations with the Nicolls family in her memoirs and in her autobiographical lectures are fanciful.

See his diaries in the British Library, India Office. See his service records in the Kriegsarchiv in Munich. He became her regular companion. Ludwig was clearly jealous of him. There were rumors, however, that the king intended to marry him to LM to regularize her status. He was tried by a court of honor for supposedly being struck in public by LM during the March 1, 47, incident. He was acquited and soon after severely injuried in a riding accident.

He finally fell out of favor with LM in the fall of 47, was transferred out of Munich, and never returned.

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In August of he almost fought duel with fellow officer Berg, but LM seems to have intervened and reconciled the principals. Outside of what appears in his letters to King Ludwig in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, I know nothing at all about him. I know nothing of Mme. Octave and have no idea where Holdredge got this information. She had brothers John and Thomas and sister Mary. She was put out to Mrs.

Lola Montez

Hall, millinar in Cork. My best guess is that LM had been born a couple of months earlier. She married Criaige in Dacca on 16 August She returned to England to fetch LM in She came to America in late , and her letter to Dr. She died from burns in an accident. Her will is in the family records section in Somerset House, London. As far as I know, LM never met him. P and was finally deported. I have no idea who this person might be. He could have been either in Sacramento or in Marysville.

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He was an opponent of LM. An old timer article in the Chicago paper refers to LM and Palm meeting in Chicago and says they both were involved in spiritualism. Palm did get involved with spiritualism, so much so that on his death in he had a spiritualist funeral in New York, extensively reported in the New York Times, and was one of the first persons cremated in the United States.

See his NYT obit. I have no idea who she was. He had arrived in India in and was junior chaplain of Dacca and Chittagong in He expelled LM, according to her memoirs, because she rejected his advances. This is unlikely. Tsar Nicolas wrote Paskevich a teasing remark about the incident. Londoner mentioned in LM Cleveland letter. PEEL, Robert 4. He met LM, apparently in Germany in , and invited her to come to Stuttgart from Homburg in September of that year.

He welcomed her to Switzerland on her arrival, but eventually they became estranged. He resigned his posts on death of his father and his succession 2. He had an affair with LM and confirmed it to L in letter in A letter from him to Papon is in the Ludwig Archive. This is probably just a permutation of the incident where she slapped Jean Petipa.

He was almost certainly not the Jean Petipa who was born in Paris in and died in St. Petersburg in But I can find no information about any other Jean Petipa.