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Estrin , and S. Herzog, ; "Pricing in computer networks: reshaping the research agenda," Telecommunications Policy , 20, pp. Shew, William B. Webster and K. Reprinted in Vierteljahrshefte Zur Wirtschaftsforschung , 4 , pp Abbate Eds. Sidak, J. Gregory and Robert W. Simmons, N. Garver and R. Sirbu, Marvin , and K. Hughes, , "Standardization of Local Area Networks," mimeo.

Sirbu, Marvin , and M. Sirbu, Marvin , and J. Sittig, J. Slaughter, Anne-Marie , , "Agencies on the Loose? Smith, Betty F. Smith D. Sorenson, Olav , Jan W. Spulber, Daniel F. Srinagesh, P. Sriram, Ram S. Stehmann, Oliver , "The 'market integration' effect of a satellite entrant in the European telecommunications network market," mimeo.

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Thompson, George V. Tijs, Stef H. Toth, Robert, B. Town, Robert J. Train, K.

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McFadden , and M. Tye, William B. U Udry, Christopher R. V Valente, T. Valente, T.

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Bardini, , "Virtual diffusion or an uncertain reality: Networks, policy and models for the diffusion of VR technology," In F. However, the disintegrated environment that appears in the novel is the background of another fragmentation, that of Jairo, its main character.

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New natural products for drug discovery may be accessed by heterologous expression of bacterial biosynthetic pathways in metagenomic DNA libraries. La escritura en danza, un ruego del cuerpo. El caso del tango -danza en Colombia. This method is based on the deuterium to hydrogen ratio at a specific position methyl group of acetic acid obtained by fermentation, through different biosynthetic mechanisms, which result in different isotopic ratios.

We measured the isotopic ratio of vinegars obtained through C 3 , C 4 , and CAM biosynthetic mechanisms, blends of C 3 and C 4 agrins and synthetic acetic acid. Wrobel, P. Mickiewicza 30, Krakow Poland ; Bogovac, M. Mickiewicza 30, Krakow Poland ; Osan, J. A new synchrotron beamline end-station for multipurpose X-ray spectrometry applications has been recently commissioned and it is currently accessible by end-users at the XRF beamline of Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste. The end-station consists of an ultra-high vacuum chamber that includes as main instrument a seven-axis motorized manipulator for sample and detectors positioning, different kinds of X-ray detectors and optical cameras.

The present work describes this advanced Tango and LabVIEW software platform that utilizes in an optimal synergistic manner the merits and functionality of these well-established programming and equipment control tools. Molecular evolution of the lysine biosynthetic pathways. Among the different biosynthetic pathways found in extant organisms, lysine biosynthesis is peculiar because it has two different anabolic routes. A variant of the AAA route that includes some enzymes involved in arginine and leucine biosyntheses has been recently reported in Thermus thermophilus Nishida et al.

Here we describe the results of a detailed genomic analysis of each of the sequences involved in the two lysine anabolic routes, as well as of genes from other routes related to them. Our results suggest that the DAP pathway is related to arginine metabolism, since the lysC, asd, dapC, dapE, and lysA genes from lysine biosynthesis are related to the argB, argC, argD, argE, and speAC genes, respectively, whose products catalyze different steps in arginine metabolism.

This work supports previous reports on the relationship between AAA gene products and some enzymes involved in leucine biosynthesis and the tricarboxylic acid cycle Irvin and Bhattacharjee ; Miyazaki et al. Here we discuss the significance of the recent finding that several genes involved in the arginine Arg and leucine Leu biosynthesis participate in a new alternative route of the AAA pathway Miyazaki et al.

Koch, Sabine C. Background: Dance is an embodied activity with benefits for mobility, balance, and quality of life QoL of persons affected by Parkinson's Disease PD.

Elletra's Clients Vol. 01 Max, Leon, Thomas by Elletra

It is enjoyable and likely to support adherence to movement prescriptions. The objective of this study was to assess the feasibility of measuring changes in psychological outcomes, specifically well-being, body self-efficacy, outcome expectations, and experienced beauty after a single Argentine Tango intervention in a workshop format. To anchor experienced beauty in a theory, the article introduces a model of embodied aesthetics featuring active art-making as a central aspect of healing in arts-based interventions. Methods: In a single-group pre—post design, we tested the feasibility of measuring psychological changes of 34 PD patients from Southern Germany after an introductory workshop in Argentine Tango.

A subgroup completed the therapeutic factors of arts therapies-scale, a new measure to elaborate on the aesthetic experience. We analyzed pre—post-differences with a t-test for paired samples. Results and Discussion: The study supports the feasibility of measuring health-related psychological changes from a single Argentine Tango intervention for PD patients, as well as acceptance and appropriateness of the intervention for the patient group. After the tango intervention, well-being, body self-efficacy, and outcome expectancies increased.

Participants also experienced an increase in beauty of their movements and other aesthetic aspects. We suspect that, in addition to the functional and psychological factors identified so far, the aesthetic experience in dance. The distribution of the two ALA biosynthetic pathways among various bacterial genera was determined, using cell-free extracts obtained from representative organisms.

Evidence for the operation of the glutamate pathway was obtained by the measurement of RNase-sensitive label incorporation from glutamate into ALA using 3,4-[ 3 H]glutamate and 1-[ 14 C]glutamate as substrate.

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The distribution of the two pathways among the bacteria tested was in general agreement with their previously phylogenetic relationships and clearly indicates that the glutamate pathway is the more ancient process, whereas the glycine pathway probably evolved much later. Bioengineering natural product biosynthetic pathways for therapeutic applications. With the advent of next-generation DNA sequencing technologies, the number of microbial genome sequences has increased dramatically, revealing a vast array of new biosynthetic gene clusters.

Genomics data provide a tremendous opportunity to discover new natural products, and also to guide the bioengineering of new and existing natural product scaffolds for therapeutic applications. Notably, it is apparent that the vast majority of biosynthetic gene clusters are either silent or produce very low quantities of the corresponding natural products.

It is imperative therefore to devise methods for activating unproductive biosynthetic pathways to provide the quantities of natural products needed for further development. Moreover, on the basis of our expanding mechanistic and structural knowledge of biosynthetic assembly-line enzymes, new strategies for re-programming biosynthetic pathways have emerged, resulting in focused libraries of modified products with potentially improved biological properties.

In this review we will focus on the latest bioengineering approaches that have been utilised to optimise yields and increase the structural diversity of natural product scaffolds for future clinical applications. Mentoring: An Evolving Relationship. The column concerns itself with mentoring as an evolving relationship between mentor and mentee. The collegiate mentoring model, the transformational transcendence model, and the humanbecoming mentoring model are considered in light of a dialogue with mentors at a Midwest university and conclusions are drawn.

Methods Evolved by Observation. Montessori's idea of the child's nature and the teacher's perceptiveness begins with amazing simplicity, and when she speaks of "methods evolved ," she is unveiling a methodological system for observation. She begins with the early childhood explosion into writing, which is a familiar child phenomenon that Montessori has written about….

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