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The most notable change over the last century has been the development of electronic scoring, which has allowed for a dramatic increase in the pace of the action, while weapons and protective gear have become lighter and safer. Modern day fencing has been constantly refined and perfected, with every generation of fencers striving to improve on their forebears. Its evolution to the modern-day weapon aroses from the adaptations that were required to improve its offensive and defensive capabilities.

Originally it was a very light, long blade, which could inflict damage using both the point and edge. It required athleticism and expert technique to be wielded effectively.

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As the new weapon caught on, duelling became a popular if illegal pastime among the gentry, particularly when honour needed to be defended. The Ireland Information Guide has a comprehensive history of duelling, and you can read an account of duelling in Ireland on the Chapters on Dublin History website — and even learn about duelling clubs and rules. The threat of arrest and imprisonment, along with the very real danger to life and limb, meant that it was necessary to practise and become as efficient and skilled as possible.

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This gave rise to the development of the foil. The foil was a training weapon for duellists. Training was carried out wearing protective padding and using a walnut on the tip of the blade to prevent injury. In this weapon, the emphasis was put on attacking the vital organ areas, specifically the torso.

It gradually developed its own unique rules and style.

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  5. Foil fencing action is fast, punctuated by halts as the president makes the decision to award a point. The sabre came to the sport from the 18th century Hungarian cavalry, and the modern weapon is descended from the Turkish scimitar. It is a simulation of horseback battle, as the target area for the weapon is above the waist.

    The play is fast and furious, and like foil, is punctuated by halts from the president. Ten years after fencing featured at the first modern Olympic Games, the sport formally came to Ireland in when the Irish Fencing Club was founded in Dublin. It was not the first club in Ireland, but it was the first in which the principal aim was exercise and sport rather than duelling.

    The club closed in , but was restarted again in following advertisements in Dublin newspapers. All of the Irish clubs currently training are listed on the Clubs page.

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    He said that Dublin was the only capital in Europe which was behind-hand in this respect, but it was never too late to make a beginning. After discussion, it was decided to call the new society the Irish Fencing Club as a provisional title , and to seek recognition from the British and Irish Authorities. Crawford and Mr. Secretaries, Mr. Perrin sic ; Committee.

    Haig, Stafford Knox and Campbell. Guy Perrem who had taken up fencing while at school in France. Also, the same style of grip can differ slightly between manufacturers, so it is important to identify both the style and manufacturer that is the most comfortable. The available and legal styles are shown below. The "classic" grip, it is noticeably simpler in design than the pistol grip.

    This simplicity allows it to fit almost any size hand, but it also makes it less comfortable to hold. This grip has a coating made of rubber or leather. TFC's practice weapons used by students in the beginner classes all have this grip.

    The original pistol grip design, the finger grooves and stems allow it to fit much more comfortably in a fencer's hand. Plus this style is available in multiple sizes, making it suitable for a wide range of fencers. This style is sometimes referred to as "Italian Visconti". A bulkier design with a third finger stem instead of grooves, most vendors only offer one size that is only useful for fencers with medium-sized hands.

    Other sizes exist but are not widely available. Similar to the Visconti but slightly longer and narrower. There is also a "short" version that has a much shorter wrist stem, but this variant is not widely available and the size of the rest of the grip is the same, making this style only suitable for medium or large hands. With only one size available this design is more suited for large hands. The Dagger Fencing Committee is promoting this fun, safe sport to some day be a part of the Olympic Games. The Dagger Fencing Association DFA was created specifically to promote a new combat sport that reflects main gauche and rapier style blade work of the early Renaissance.

    What does a Dagger weapon look like? The guard is connected to the blade with a standard saber metal pommel. Where do I get an official Dagger Fencing weapon? Can anyone Dagger Fence? How do you play? In addition to the weapons, is there anything special I need to Dagger Fence?

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    To ensure safety and protection while dagger fencing in a round or square piste, a back zipper jacket is required. While fencing on a standard strip a standard regulation fencing jacket is acceptable. It disperses moisture quicker, dries faster, and resists wrinkling better than most fabrics and has a lightweight silky feel that is a joy to wear. Quality tailored from top to bottom, this handsome tee features a double-needle reinforced crew neck, inner neck tape, double-needle hemmed sleeves and bottom hem, and a classic cut.

    As an added bonus, we've even eliminated the neck tag. The DFA, in cooperation with any organization related to the sport of fencing in those countries where this activity is fully supported for Olympic and professional events will support said organizations to achieve common goals for Dagger Fencing on a global basis.

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