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The pictures, despite being taken with a inch aperture telescope from a range of kilometers, show major details such as dishes and solar panels, as well as some elements whose function is not known.

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    Marco Langbroek. Retrieved 13 May Retrieved 11 February Retrieved 3 April Retrieved 3 February Space Safety Magazine. They grew up with muddled cocktails and street fashion. The workforce was showing signs of major changes to come. Mobile phones had begun to untether our communications. These are the last people born who can remember a world without the internet. To round out the century, we have the natural conclusion of our pattern, with Gen Z. And what a decade that was. Computers cement themselves in our homes and businesses, and the internet begins to emerge.

    Different to the 80s, certainly, but still recognisable. These are the last people born who remember a world without smart phones, and the first to enter the workforce in a world with them. People born in the new millennium, into a profoundly different world. An internet connected computer was available to just about everyone on earth — even if you had to walk a few miles to your library to access it. The changes it would facilitate might not have yet taken place, but the door was opened, and that is an astonishing milestone, and the fact that it rounds out the thousand years is worth commemorating.

    Children born at this time deserve the name. The oldest Millennial is currently Now a common argument is that the names of generations sometimes describe the time at which they came of age , rather than when they were born.

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    And sometimes that makes sense. But when we are dealing with a marker as crisp as this, the occasion demands clarity. Not this wishy-washy ambiguity. Over the next decade, the internet took hold, and transformed the world.

    Heavens Above The World Between Lifetimes

    These kids being born now, in the s, are Generation A. Two things which just 10 years ago literally did not exist, now almost dominate our lived experience, at least on a seconds-per-day basis. We live in a world of Crispr. Uber, Airtasker, Tinder, AirBnB, Car Next Door — these have created tectonic shifts in the way we organise our resources and structure our lives and economy.

    Spotify, Netflix and SoundCloud have revolutionised the way we consume media. The sociological shifts have been profound as well. Power structures have been shaken, tropes which have stood for thousands of years are being challenged like never before. So as we enter this new decade, what are we to call the next generation?

    Let us hope for mindfulness.

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    Let us hope they learn from our mistakes, and harness the powerful potential of this technology for good, rather than let it drain us to distraction. After A, of course, comes Generation Be. To summarise, birth dates and their corresponding generations:. Remember, there is no official body that sets these things. It is literally up to us. If this is the definition you want, just pass it on and hope for the best.

    Of course, after all that, we should note that there are universal experiences which transcend time, and connect people across the centuries. Become a member. Sign in. Get started. A last ditch attempt at sorting out Generation Names.

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