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Dieter Kosslick with Kurtz on his Couch. Dit kannste unter Ulk verbuchen. Ein gewisser Charles Spencer Chaplin. Guest Performance - Christmas concert. Ismene, sister of by Lot. Max Goldt liest. Josef gesteht alles! Worst of Chefkoch. Location Pfefferberg - Theater Pfefferberg - Theater.

Zirkus Angela. Christmas with Princess Marzipan and King Chocolate. Somewhere A Light.

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Location Schaubude - Berlin Schaubude - Berlin. Das Nacktschnecken-Game. Augenblicke im Museum. All about Anne. Gegenbilder und Provenienzen ausstellen - Exhibit counter images and provenances. New ways in biomedicine. Working Group: Art and Inclusion. Location Haus Bastian Haus Bastian.

Handicraft book: Art from old books.

Berlin Lecture with Prof. Democracy in danger? The new East Central Europe. Systemsprenger in der Post System blaster in mailings. Subcategory: Comedy Subcategory: Political Cabaret. Subcategory: Congress Subcategory: Trade fair. Find your event.

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    Guided tour with lock area manager Rudolf G. Scharmann Read more. Classical Music. Just years have passed since women were admitted to study at the Berlin Art Academy. An occasion for the Nationalgalerie to present for the first time the collection of works by female painters and sculptors up to , including paintings and sculptures… Read more. The akademie der autodidakten Academy of Autodidacts invites children from 4 to 12 years of age with their parents to five children's book readings that show various realities and bring stories to the stage that deal with children "like us".

    Family Sunday Religion. The first Sunday of the month will be colorful! Kids pack their parents, grandparents, siblings and friends and slip into the role of adult culture connoisseurs. For this purpose, the smartest Schlaumeiermienen be put on, nodding knowledgeable, clever noses… Read more. German Resistance Memorial Center History. As of July 2, , the new permanent exhibition "Resistance against National Socialism" documents the entire social breadth and ideological diversity of the fight against the National Socialist dictatorship. Guided tour on Sundays Workshop.

    The Museum Blindenwerkstatt is open daily from 10 to 20 o'clock.

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    Admission is free. Political Cabaret. Music cabaret on Sunday afternoon Sigrid Grajek and her pianist will present songs from Berlin cabaret and variety shows from the first decades of the last century on the small stage in the foyer of the BKA Theater on Sunday afternoon under the motto "What… Read more. The Emperor's New Clothes Musicals.

    Many years ago a vain Emperor, who loved pretty clothes so much that he spent all his money to always look perfect. He no longer cared about governing, which was his real job. He also did not go to the theater or the fresh air, except to show his new clothes. Bernauer Strasse was one of the crystallization points of the German division. Here, the spectrum of consequences of the wall construction can be illustrated in exemplary fashion: The destruction of urban space and ways of life, the separation of family… Read more. Travel back in time to the year AD and discover the ancient city of Pergamon!

    The huge panorama of the artist Yadegar Asisi makes it possible. You get an overview of temples, theaters and palaces and compare the reconstructions with original objects from… Read more. Children Location Pergamonmuseum.

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    Advent concert Concerts. Singing makes you happy - but listening too! A Christmas concert for the whole family with the great brass ensemble of the Berlin Federal Police Orchestra under the direction of its chief conductor Gerd Herklotz. Recommended from 5 years. Afterwards, all visitors to the foyer can try out the musical instruments of the Klingender Museum under expert guidance.

    Terra X: Australien-Saga- Trailer - deutsch/german

    Once upon a time Grimm's fairy tales in the Glass Palace. Two actors, a well-known original text and a small stage - nothing more is needed for maximum theater happiness! City Tours. Kiez" City Tours. The guided Tour in the development of the Stasi headquarters in Berlin, how the surveillance apparatus of Erich Mielke continued to expand and literally milled into the neighborhood. The conflict with the environment is symbolic of the extension of… Read more.

    In the Christmas story, there is talk of a star, which points the way to Bethlehem for the wise men from the East.

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    For centuries, scientists have been exploring the question of what this phenomenon is all about and whether it describes a real astronomical… Read more. Master tailor Fingerhut will one day visit the thin crescent moon: The moon would like to have a jacket made. But when the moon comes back to the fitting, it has greatly increased! Master Fingerhut is forced to change the jacket constantly. In a very special cast, Anne Farahani Baroque mandolin and Amandine Affagard baroque guitar and lute present this year's Advent concert.

    With works by Bach, Schein, Praetorius u.

    In an archaic world, three great minds determine the fate of mankind. While Draco sows discord, demands strict adherence from people, and the words, "Why? From where? The Berliner Aids-Hilfe e. Above all, the work of the association focuses on education and support for those affected.

    With three concerts, artists such as Edson… Read more. A Christmas story by Charles Dickens Family. Christmas There was a clanking sound from the bottom, as if someone was dragging a heavy chain over the barrels in the cellar of the wine merchant. Ebenezer Scrooge, London's most ruthless stinker, gets a ghostly visit in his dimly lit, cold house. Children and families in particular are cordially invited to the performance on the 1st Sunday of Advent with music, puppetry in the tradition of the southern Italian Pupari and many other surprises.

    Photography in focus Workshop. Discover milestones in photography. Get to know the life and work of photographer Helmut Newton. Let yourself be surprised by the many facets of photography. The guided tour gives an insight into the current exhibitions in the Museum of Photography with… Read more. Spectral-White Art. How were Europeans depicted in the art of the colonized? Tristan and Isolde Opera. Betrayal, lost honour, guilt and atonement, passionate, transcendental love, a yearning for death and forgetting… the story of Tristan and Isolde, developed over centuries from a Celtic folk tale into a mythical saga, has fascinated writers, poets and… Read more.

    Compositions by C.