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As soon as you have the release date for your book, schedule a Facebook event. Open House.

A geeky experience – website launch!

This allows you to cover lots of time zones, and allows folks to come and go as their schedules allow. You want the event to be public, so that anyone can attend. Check your settings in the event to be sure everyone is able to attend. Invite everyone on your friend list that you think might be interested. Post links on groups that you belong to. Share with non-reading groups that might have an interest in your topic. I used my crafting supplies to make gifts for my party, so I shared pics of my giveaways with that group and issued an open invite to any of them who wanted to attend.

How to do a Scentsy Facebook Party

Notify your local library and local bookstores. Tell friends and family about it.

Why Are Facebook Parties Such an Awesome Idea

Post links on your Facebook wall, your Twitter feed, and other social media outlets leading up to the event, reminding them of it. Everyone loves giveaways.

Have a series of questions prepared ahead of time to keep things rolling the day of the party. Good questions include details about your book, but focus on your readers. What word would you use to describe yourself? Outline how the party will work, what you are going to do, what prizes will be given and when.

A successful virtual book launch

Post at least once an hour, something that will generate comments and interaction. This is a chance for them to get to know you — and for you to get to know them. Throughout the day, post links to your other social media profiles Twitter , Goodreads , Amazon , Instagram , Pinterest , etc. Your last post.

Thank your attendees.

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And, remember, Facebook restrictions may keep page owners—in particular—from making the initial posts themselves. They can post the initial message, and the guest authors will be able to interact in the comments below. Uh, not me! Ask the partygoers to answer a question or just pull a random commenter from posts where a contest is indicated as the winner of eBooks, book swag, or more.

No 10, calorie dips, piles of wings, or margaritas.

What is a Facebook Party and Why Would You Want One? by Beth Barany

Encourage BYOB. Not clearly illustrating how to connect to you and your books beyond Facebook is a missed opportunity. Imagine running into your ex after years apart. And, he still looks good. Maybe even better.

How to Add a Facebook Virtual Event to Your Launch Strategy : Social Media Examiner

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