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From a similarity in the pronnnciation of the names, some were of opinion that Maolcaichf who is mentioned in the Stowe Missal, might have been the ancestor of this family.

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The Missal is supposed to be that of St. O'Connor says that portions of the MS. Edmund Moore Mul- cahy, of Ballymakee, a J. This clergjrman was parish priest of Ardfinnan in the county Tipperary, at me time of the Cromwellian invasion of Ireland ; and, durine the siege of Clonmel, was seized upon by a reconnoitering party of Cromwell's cavalry.

These terms he rejected with scorn. He was consequently led out in sight of the besieged walls, and there beheaded whilst he knelt in prayer for his faithiul people and asked forgiveness for his enexiiies.

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The issue of this Edmund M. It is believed that Thomas mantach, who is marked No. Commencing with that Thomas, the following is the genealogy of Mulcahy , of Ardpaddeen, county Waterford: The issue of this Edmund were twenty child- ren — 1. Edmund, who was born m , and died ; 2. Mulcahy, bom in , and living ; 3. Butler, born in , died ; 4. Thomas, bom , and livmg ; 6. Catherine Norris, born , living ; 6. David, bom , now dead; 7.

This Thomas Mulcahy owned the following townlands in the paiish of Kilbrien, county Waterford: Bridget Shan- aban, bom , died ; 9. Patrick, bom , died ; John, bom , died whose eldest son Edmund lives in Ardpaddeen, in ; James, bom , died ; Ed- mond, bom , died ; Joseph, bom , living in ; Richard, born , died ; David 2 , who died young; Kjev.

Mary's, Haddington- road, Dublin, bom in , and living in There were four more children who died in their infancy. John, of Killkeany, county Waterford: This James had three bro- thers and five sisters: The five sisters were — 1. Catherine, who was married to Thomas Halloran, of Scart ; 2.

Mar- garet, married to Denis Hacket, of Clashgaunee ; 8. Ellen, married to James Butler, of Killnamack. David Bernard Mulcahy, C.

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Patrick, of Bradford ; 7. Donoch; the gener- ations descended from this Idelachlin, and his brothers Brian and Iriall, I am un- able to trace, but those from his brother Donoch are as follows: This An- thony had two sons — 1.

Uaithne Owny or Anthony , who died before his father ; and 2. Gear- abhan ; and 8. Giollagan, who was the ancestor of Quinn of Longford , as in tlie preceding pedigree. Irish, knowledge , anglicised Wallis: Leitrim, Mohill, and Oarrig- allen. Bro- can, who was ancestor of Shanly, etc. Anbeith, from whom MacGarry is descended. John Reynolds, of Loch scur: Dunchean, who was the ancestor of Duncan, and 2. Irish, old ; Lat. Irish, a hard ; Heh. Hebimon see the first series was the seventh son of Milesius of Spain, but the third who left any issue ; from him the following families, with others given in the first series, are descended: Irish, an act ; Lat.

John MacGnieve, of Dunfian: John ; his son. Lord Viscount Kings- land: Lord Yiscotint Eings- land: Dolbh, of the Orkney Isles: This pedigree is here incidentally given amcuiff the fanulies descended from Qeremon ; but, while Beatty is of Irieua origin, the lineage of the family is not yet ascertained. The name is deriyed from the Irish biadJUach [bee-a-ta], ''a pubUo victualler. Digitized by Google IV. Irish, a mouth ; Gr. Maoldun, a brother of Muriartns who see the first series is No. Teige ; his son. John Boyle of Lar- gey, Portgleneone, county Antrim: A sailor by profes- sion, Commodore Boyle, wishing to rest when dead under the broad ocean that had been his home while living, requested to be buried at sea ; but from some cause or other, it was not thought advisable to comply with hid request: This Jonius had four brothers— 1.

Kicholas-Bourke Boyle ; and two sisters named — 1. Juan Boyle,of Wash- ington, D. This Juan had five sisters — 1. Oceana- Cecilia, married to T. Emily-Beale, mar- ried to the Hon. Potut, of Maryland ; 8. Anna ; and 5.

Neal gaogh O'Beilly, brother of Donald who is No. Cbimthann, brother of Aodh or Hugh who is No. Insh, the blude of a sword: Neal ; had a brother named Gonall greanta, a quo Grant, From the said Fogharthach are also descended the Ulster families of Carolan, Donnellan, and Flanagan.

Maria, ihm schmeckt's nicht!: Geschichten von meiner italienischen Sippe

Dermod O'Kerin was the first of the family who settled in Thomond. Hubert ; his son.

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Loghlin ; living in Cahebnach, brother of Ficheallach who is No. Irish, to sing ; Heb. Canadhnan "can" " canadh": Gaibbbe, brother of Coraidhegan who is No. Gairbbe, brother of Maoldun who is No. Oabbhan, brother of Gormac who is No.

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Dermod fionn, brother of Muirgheas or Murias who see the first series is No. Digitized by Google ly. Niall of the Nine Hostages, the th mon- arch of Ireland. Maoldun dergenech i his son. Anmibe, brother of Donall who is No. Conang eolach "eol- ach": Cathal, brother of Fergal, who is No. David, the youngest son of Malcolm the Third, long of Scotland, who see the first series is No.

Malcohn the Third, Idng of Scotland; died, a. David, king of Scot- land: The sons were — 1. Thomas- Henry ; 2. Stewart-Baillie, Vicar of St. Mark's, Hull, York- shire ; 4. William- Oraham, 19, Waterloo-rd. Graham, Bector of St. The daughters were — 1, Sarah ; 2.

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Stewart- Baillie 3 married Mary Alder, and has issue — 1. Graham 6 married Helen Noble, and has issue. Sarah Craig 1 married James Henry deceased , and had issue — 1. Mary 2 is in unmarried. Dermod Darby, Jere- my, or Jeremiah: I am as yet unable to trace the continuation of this genea- logy ; and therefore unable to supply the links between the foregoing Murtagh No. Adhamh [Adam] , brother of Fargal the th monarch of Ireland who see the first series is No.

Der- mod, 2, Donoch, 8. Ferdi- nando, and 4. Moroch na nGaod- haU.

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Irish, active ; " ruadh", red , or red Ed- mond: This Donoch had a brother named Conor, who was father of Dermod, the father of William, the Either of Maurice, the father of Murtogh, who was abbot of Ferns, in the county Wexford. The Memory of the Dragonflies , Random House , Streets of memory: Landscape, tolerance, and national identity in istanbul Mills, Amy , Streets of memory: Landscape, tolerance, and national identity in istanbul , Athens: University of Georgia Press. Memory in a global age. Folge der Feder! Follow the Feather Germany , , Nuray Sahin , 88 min.