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One camp says it means fallen angels , or demons. Another attributes it to righteous human beings who mated with ungodly women.

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To sort this out, it's important to note when and how the word Nephilim was used. Another mention of Nephilim occurs in Nu mbers , after the Flood:. And they spread among the Israelites a bad report about the land they had explored.

Nephilim Giants in Peru & Bolivia?

All the people we saw there are of great size. We saw the Nephilim there the descendants of Anak come from the Nephilim. We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them. Moses had sent 12 spies into Canaan to scout the country before invading.

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Only Joshua and Caleb believed Israel could conquer the land. The other ten spies did not trust in God to give the Israelites victory. The men the spies saw could have been giants, but they could not have been part human and part demonic beings. All those would have died in the Flood. Besides, the cowardly spies gave a distorted report. They may have used the word Nephilim simply to arouse fear.

Giants certainly existed in Canaan after the Flood. Centuries later, a giant from Gath emerged to plague the Israelite army. His name was Goliath , a nine foot tall Philistine who was killed by David with a stone from his sling. Nowhere in that account does it imply Goliath was semi-divine. The mysterious term "sons of God" in Genesis is interpreted by some scholars to mean fallen angels or demons; however, there is no concrete evidence in the text to support that view. Further, it seems far-fetched that God would have created angels to make it possible for them to mate with human beings, producing a hybrid species.

Jesus Christ made this revealing remark about angels:.

Encyclopedia Judaica: Nephilim

Christ's statement seems to imply that angels including fallen angels do not procreate at all. A more likely theory for the "sons of God" makes them the descendants of Adam 's third son, Seth. The "daughters of men," were supposedly from the wicked line of Cain , Adam's first son who killed his younger brother Abel. Yet another theory links kings and royalty in the ancient world with the divine. Og survived the flood Reply. It has more to do with worldview, that potentially developed from the descendants of Seth mixing with the descendants of Cain.

During Noachs' generation most were mixed, including more than likely Noach's sons wives. The Og possibility is also midrash, but even if its true, doesn't change the fact that the concept of Nephelim as literal "giants" is largely misunderstood. Og did not survive the flood, he was born after the flood. I also agree with Anonymous USA I also found that Nephilim's as transgenic beings to be the most likely and plausible explanation for the extermination of the people that occupied Israel at the time of Moses and Joshua.

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In addition of course to my earlier flood argument. HaShem was very particular that all needed to be destroyed, man, properties and even beast and Saul lost his kingship for not obeying that. That too would indicate that there could have been something seriously wrong with their genes. On the other hand, this could not have been a revolt since Angels don't have free will, so I feel both explanations lack the needed substance to be proven either way by means of the Torah.

So to me, this is still a great mystery, one I very much would like a definitive answer to. Now if we go outside Torah, for instance, the Book of Yasher, the myth around the world as well as Megalithic Structures and the unexplainable out of place artifacts found all over the world. These things would make explanation 1 the most plausible hadn't it been for the fact that angels do not have free will. So I would suggest a 3rd, possible explanation, that the Nephilim indeed where hybrids but human-animal hybrids and that HaShem only after the flood created the barrier between species that stops interspecies procreation.

Neshama breath, wind, and rest. Aryeh explanation sounds the most reasonable but where is the source that you derived this from? Sources I cannot recall all the sources I deduced this view from, some are mentioned in the article Reply to Debra H Debra H, the Neanderthals were Homo Sapiens with full pre-flood lifespans so that the frontal ridge of their elders were much larger than ours since that is the only bone that keeps growing throughout life.

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Remember, people before the flood had lifespans of many hundreds of years. Hence modern "scientists" who deny HaShem falsely concluded they were of a different species. If the soul is but a breath which upon death will return to G-d, what happens then in the resurrection of the dead? Thank you. Explanation for neanderthals? New finds of human species around the globe? Jewish Sources on the subject? In last few years there are more findings of other human species.

Who Are the Nephilim?

If world has been destroyed times, why? Why or what is reason? If Hashem is only creator, why does some things appear to be one big experiment? What Jewish sources do you have to explain the differences in highly intelligent humans and those species of humans that appear more animalistic yet coexisting at same time periods???

Thanks Reply. Nephilim I agree with Aryeh. It is more likely this is talking about sons of Seth would be sons of G-d and the sons of Cain would be evil. I have heard several Hebrew scholars teach that the giants were just giants of evil. I think this is what scared the ten spies sent Canaan. Thank G-d two had enough faith to come back with an outlook of optimism.

Explanation 1 I agree with David. I believe that is why G-d ordered them to destroy all after the spies came back. G-d is love. The only explanation to what would otherwise be genocide, is that the Nephilim were hybrid beings.

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We're seeing the same things happening now - scientists are mixing species in labs every day. As in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the end. Do not be deceived. Angels with penis's?

Who (or What) Were the Nephilim?

Can angels procreate, are they flesh and blood, do they have the bodily functions to have intercourse with women and impregnate them? This idea seems to me very foreign to Hebraic thinking Please elaborate?.. Also if anyone can answer my previous post as well I'd really appreciate the feed back I find Explanation 1 the most plausible. It makes sense, all flesh was corrupted, all but Noah and his family. In modern terms, we might call them transgenetic beings that destroyed creation by intermixing species, so HaShem had to send the flood, not as much to punish but to save us from utter extinction.

Cause that is what would have happened if HaShem hadn't destroyed all or almost all of them. We see this in other respects too, like that we are not to mix meats and not to wear different fabrics. A prohibition I believe was given to keep us as far away from transhumanism as possible.

To protect our genome.