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Corcos, Christine Alice. Deploige, Jeroen and Gita Deneckere.

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The Epistemology of Pure Sociology

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rehabilitation and deviance routledge revivals volume 11 Manual

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International Journal of Environmental and Science Education

The Reappearance of the Performing Monarchy in Europe, c. Weber, Caroline. New York: Henry Holt and Company, Weber, Max. On Charisma and Institution Building. Edited by S. Woodacre, Elena. The impact of marital and family relationships on the reigns of the queens regnant of Navarre Examining models and concepts of rulership formulated in societies where monarchy was deeply relevant can offer new insights into not only how monarchical institutions operated but why they proved so effective and long-lasting.

The eight chapters that comprise this section focus on two such societies: western Europe and the Muslim world. A range of examples are drawn from western Europe in the later medieval and the Early Modern eras alongside the Almohad caliphate of the twelfth- and thirteenth-century Maghreb and the modern post-War Arab monarchies. Each highlights not only the vibrancy of monarchy as a concept but its elasticity as a model of rulership.

It argues that monarchy is so flexible and adaptive that it has been able to accommodate religious doctrines that have either little place for the worldly or that tend to subsume government within their doctrinal framework.

Published Issues

Chris Jones is an Associate Professor at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand whose research explores the history of political ideas. His work has a particular focus upon France in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries and he is especially interested in the thought of medieval chroniclers.

His extensive publications in this area include his monograph, Eclipse of Empire?

Perceptions of the Western Empire and Its Rulers in Late Medieval France Brepols, , and, most recently, a triptych of articles concerning the thought of the late thirteenth-century Benedictine chronicler of Sens, Geoffroi de Courlon. He initiated, and is Director of, the Canterbury Roll Project, an innovative and ongoing research-led digital venture. Its blending of digital humanities and cutting-edge scientific research with traditional scholarship has received extensive coverage in the international press, including a lead article in The Times.

Research Profile. Aquinas, Thomas. Aquinas Political Writings.

Justice through Punishment

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