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He was far from bright, and it took him severalseconds to put into words what was passing in his mind. Oh, dear me! I'veseen your father's ghost! Hope to die if I didn't. I was just coming to campfrom town. Some men kept me, and made me sing and dance forthemyou know how I can singtra-la-la-da-do-da-bum! They promised me a dollar, but didn't give it to me. I was runningto get out of the wet when I plumped into something fearfulaghost!

Your father, covered with blood, and groaning and moaning,'Robbed, robbed; almost murdered! See, the blood is there yet, even thoughI did try to wash it off in the rain.

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  5. Oh, Dick, what does itmean? He is missing, andsomething has happened to him. Perhaps he fell and hurt himself. Come on. Then it wasn't a ghost. What a joke.

    The Boy Land Boomer or Dick Arbuckle's Adventures in Oklahoma (Hardcover)

    Will you go along, too? The rain was letting up abit, and the smoky lantern lit up the surroundings for a circlethirty feet in diameter. Did youever see the like? Try to think. I ran, that's all.

    See a Problem?

    It looked like a bloodyghost. I'll dream about it, I know I will. Getting down on his knees in thewet he examined the trail by the lantern's rays.

    The footstepswhich he thought must be those of his father led around a bend inthe stream and up a series of rocks covered with moss and dirt. Met deze cookies kunnen wij en derde partijen jouw internetgedrag binnen en buiten onze website volgen en verzamelen. Hiermee kunnen wij en derde partijen advertenties aanpassen aan jouw interesses.

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    The Boy Land Boomer - [RAR Document]

    Auteur: Ralph Bonehill. Uitgever: Tredition Classics. Samenvatting ''The Boy Land Boomer'' relates the adventures of a lad who, with his father, joins a number of daring men in an attempt to occupy the rich farming lands of Oklahoma before the time when that section of our country was thrown open to settlement under the homestead act.

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