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A mighty flowing-out is God

Contact sectiondfan. I've seen it in the lightning, heard it in the thunder, And felt it in the rain; My Lord is near me all the time, My Lord is near me all the time. When the thunder shakes the mighty hills And trembles ev'ry tree, Then I know a God so great and strong Can surely harbor me.

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When refreshing showers cool the earth And sweep across the sea, Then His rainbow shines within my heart, His nearness comforts me. He set the sun, moon, and stars into their sphere. He created man out of the dust of the earth and breathed life into his nostrils. A God of miracles, a God of power! He is so high and holy that He inhabits all space, yet so meek and lowly that He hears the faintest cry from a troubled heart; a God so great that He holds the waters of the sea in the hollow of His hand and weighs the hills in a balance; a God so mighty that the nations are but a drop of a bucket!

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Yet man, the created, will stand up and defy God, the Creator. But God in His majesty and in His power still remembers poor, helpless humanity. He plucked the brightest Jewel out of Heaven and sent Him down to earth to lift men from the slime pits of hell and the bondage of slavery into the glorious liberty and freedom of the sons of God.

What a changed! What a transformation! It is the Mighty God of Jacob who brought it about. It pleased Him to bruise His Son that He might know how to care for the bruised. No Discouragement Though Christ was despised and rejected of men, a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief, the Word tells us that He shall not fail nor be discouraged till He has set judgment in the earth. The Gospel of Jesus Christ shall never lose its power. From its first proclamation to the present time, it has opened the eyes of the spiritually blind and unstopped spiritually deaf ears.

Praise to the Lord, the Almighty

It has brought light and liberty to millions of people, and millions more have a chance to partake of its healing power. The Lord has a peculiar way of leading people to the place where they can hear the truth.

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Either He will open a fountain right in their midst or He will lead them across the desert to where there is a fountain. He led the Ethiopian across the desert and brought Philip down to the desert to bring the living waters to the Ethiopian.

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Tradition tells us that the Ethiopian went back and helped open up a living fountain in his own land. David Livingstone went as a missionary to Africa, and fountains bubbled forth in many places in that dark Continent. The Lord is looking for channels through which the Living Waters can run. Will you be a channel for Jesus?

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By your life, by your prayers, by your means, you can help exalt the Mighty God of Jacob, and His Son, Jesus Christ, who died to redeem a lost world from sin and bring back righteousness, truth, and holiness into the hearts of the children of men. A Light to the Gentiles This lesson also tells us that the Gospel will be a light to lighten the Gentiles. It was hard for the Jews to believe that anyone who did not come fully under the rituals of Judaism could be partaker with them of the Gospel light.