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One of the questions which the convert had asked was about the successors to the Holy Prophet himself and the Prophet's reply that they were twelve in number. He counted each one of them by name until he got to the name of Imam Muhammad Hassan Askari. Thereafter he said: "After him shall come his son Muhammad who will be known as Mahdi, Qa'em and Hujjat.

Since by then the earth would have been filled with cruelty and oppression. Blessed are those who are patient during the period of his occultation and blessed are those who are steadfast in. They are those whom Allah has praised in His Book with such words-. Mahdi and his occultation. They are those who belong to the Party of Allah; Know that the Party of Allah are the victorious ones.

Thereafter Imam continued as such: He is the one whose reappearance shall coincide with the call of a caller from the sky such that all the inhabitant:. Then Imam will stand behind and lie is the Mahdi. Thereafter ha will give priority to him and will pray while standing behind him.

He will then say People have not stood up but only for thee. Tafseer-e-Seraj-ul-Munir vol 3 pg. Nasaye-al-Kaafiya, pg. Proof of Allah has appeared near the House of Allah. So follow him since the truth is in him and with him. The word of Allah too refers to the same. Naishabouri in his "Tafseer" Vol. Naishabouri further says that according to the Ahl-e-Sunnat, the afore-said verse gives indication to the Imamate of "Khulafa-e-Rashedin" rightly-guided Caliphs because the word of????

Menkom in the holy verse indicates 'part' of and it is necessary for this 'part' of to be present at the time of addressing. Also, it is well - known that those four caliphs Abu Bakr, Omar, Osman and Ali were men of faith and virtue and at that time were present. Consequently the matter of Caliphate and victory was certain for them. Therefore it becomes necessary to say that this verse refers to them. Thereafter he says: A group has gone against them arguing why it is not permissible to say that the word of??

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They consider succession over the earth to mean possession and domination over it just as it was so in the case of Bani-Isra'il. Again he says: Let's accept that the term?? Thereafter he says-Similarly it has come in Hadith Sufyan that the Holy Prophet has said: "The life of this world shall not end until an Arab from my progeny will rule over the world. The same book on the afore-said page and volume mentions a tradition from All A.

The Home Book of Verse — Volume 4 by Stevenson, Burton Egbert, 1872-1962

Tirmidhi in Vol. Also, in the afore-said book on the same page of the same volume, a tradition has been narrated by Abu Hurair from the Holy Prophet S. A as such: - not enter Baitul-Muqqddas but with fear and anxiety from being killed or paying the 'Jazia' tribute. Thereafter he says- However their??? Then they will kill him and this very act shall be their despise. Mahdi shall become a master of the hills of Deylam and Constantinople.

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The same can be found in "Nur-ul-Absar" Page Thereafter he writes: "These are the words of Hafiz Abu Na'em and he says that the person mentioned in the tradition is none other than 'Mahdi'. Esa'af-ur-Raghebben too has narrated the same on Page A as such: -. Es'aaf-ur-Raghebben too has narrated the same on Page Then the author continues: "This hadith has also been narrated by Abu Dawoud in his 'Sunan'.

In the same book, on the afore-said page it is narrated from Ali A. God shall send rain for him and the earth will throw out its bounties.

(PDF) Sahih Bukhari Vol. 4 | Raja Jamal Ghafour - chlorravabatva.gq

He will fill the earth with equity and Justice just as it had been filled with cruelty and oppression. Then a person from my progeny shall appear and fill it with equity and Justice.


Again, in the afore-mentioned book on Page he writes: Mufeq-ibn- Ahmad Akhtab narrates a sermon of Khawarazm who takes reference from Abdur-Rahman-ibn-Abi Laili who narrates from his father who said:. A has said: "A severe calamity shall befall my nation at the end of the Appointed Time, by the hands of the rulers of their time such that life shall become difficult for them.

Then God Almighty shall manifest a person from my progeny who shall fill the earth with equity and Justice just as it had been filled with cruelty and oppression. A has said: - "The one who denies the emergence of Mahdi has surely disbelied to whatever God has revealed upon Muhammad and the one who denies the coming of Isa Jesus has surely become a disbeliever and the one who denies the revolt of Dajjal has surely become a disbeliever.

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Nahjul-Balagha - Sermon No. It is a part of the Sermon which he delivered with regards to Bani-Ummayid and their mischief towards the people until he reached to the point where he said: "Thereafter, Allah shall unpleasantly widen difficulties and other occurrences upon you and only when the skin is cut off and the flesh is peeled off, the calamities will be obviated. Mutazali on exegetist, in the second volume of his book Page , under the afore-mentioned Sermon says: 'This Sermon has been commemorated by a group of historians and it is common, recounted and reached the level of Estefaze superabundance.

After the battle of Nahrawan Ali A. Perhaps steadfastness at that time is referred to the Khawarij because, when the companions of Muawiya by the tricks of Amr-Aas fixed the Quran on top of spears and by this way wanted to save themselves from the blow of Hazrat's sword, the soldiers of Ali A. Or perhaps it refers to the battle against the people of Jamal where those participating in it were such personalities like Ayesha, Thalha and Zubair who were enjoying esteemed status and position in the eyes of the Muslims. For this reason they did not have the courage to fight them except Ali A.

Then Ibn-Abil Hadeed says: A statement which Razi has not mentioned is an address which he delivered about Bani-Ummayid, the contents of which are as follows: -. May my father be sacrificed for him, whose mother is the best In Arf-ul-Wardi Page 83 a narration has come from Fawa'ed-ul-Akhbar -Abe Bakr Es'aaf that the Holy Prophet has said: - "The one who reckons Dajjal to be false has surely become a disbeliever and the one who thinks Mahdi to be false has surely become a disbeliever.

Know that whoever from among us Ahle Bait - the family of the Holy Prophet in the future will continue in our way with a burning lamp and will tread on the footsteps of the virtuous, in order to unfasten knots, to free slaves and to unite the divided. He would be in concealment from the people such that a track-finder would not find his footprints even though he may pursue him.

Mutazali in the second volume of his book on Page under this Sermon says: "Hazrat here is referring to Mahdi, the Awaited one and his concealment. Ali A. His forehead had a hardened spot like the knees of a camel.

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He spoke as such: -. For him it is like a thing, which he had lost and which he was now seeking, or his need, which he was trying to meet. If Islam is in trouble he would feel forlorn like a traveler and like a tired camel beating the end of its tail and flattening its neck on the ground. He is the last of Allah's pleas and one of the vicegerents of His Prophets. He is someone who will revolt with his sword, straighten the crooked, conquer the earth and revive the forsaken aspects of religious obligations and Sunnah.

The author of 'Yanabi-ul-Muwadda' on Page writes: Some of the men of intuition and vision have narrated from Amir-ul-Mumineen as having said: "Soon God shall bring forth a group whom He Loves and they too are His lovers and the one who is like a stranger amongst them shall take over the Government. He will fill the earth with justice without any difficulty. In his very childhood, he shall get separated from his mother and father and from the viewpoint of training he shall be rare and matchless. He shall rule over the Muslim countries with utmost calm and security and time shall be favorable and friendly towards him.

His words will be accepted; the young and old shall humbly obey him. He shall fill the earth with Justice just as it had been filled with oppression. Then, at that moment his Imamat shall reach its perfection and Viceregency will be established for him. Monday, Thompson, under date of 28th November, , was presented to the House of Representatives of the United States, referred to the Committee on the Judiciary, and ordered to be printed.

Friday, Smith attended a conference at Hanley, Staffordshire Potteries, at which was represented an increase of six Elders, twenty-six Priests, ten Teachers, nine deacons, and three hundred and fifty-six members, since last July Conference; and also ordained six Elders, six Priests, four Teachers, and three Deacons. Sunday, Elder Woodruff preached. Elder George D. Watt is now laboring in that place. Beloved Brother:—I write to inform you of a few particulars of my journey to London. I left Manchester November 25th, in company with Elder Kimball; we visited the following places, viz.

We traveled by coach and railway, and arrived in London on Monday 30th: found Elder Woodruff in good health. He had baptized three or four persons the day before we arrived. I stayed in London till the 11th December, when I left for Herefordshire.

Brothers Woodruff and Williams came with me to the railway station. Elder Kimball stayed in London.