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Smith; Cheryl Pierson; James J. Wolf Creek: Hell on the Prairie Volume 6. Ford Fargo ; Troy D. Smith ; Cheryl Pierson ; James J. This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis Welcome to Wolf Creek. Griffin "synopsis" may belong to another edition of this title. Buy New Learn more about this copy.

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New Paperback Quantity Available: 1. Fate handed Hank Hawkins the opportunity of achieving his ambition of buying a ranch, and all he has to do to make it happen is to make it easy for a gang to rob the stage in Devil's Bones Canyon. Hank soon realizes, however, that the robbers never had any intention of leaving anyone alive and had planned a dry gulching. He survives but regains consciousness back in Hastings Fork, he vows to track down the murderers who betrayed him and have his revenge.

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But, when he sets off, he finds he has a companion - Helen Curtis, the fiancee of the messenger whose death lies on his conscience. Hank has many things to figure out, such as why there was one body missing and things are about to get even more complicated with the threat of death for both of them never far away.

It was an impression that swiftly changed when he rode straight into a bushwhacking. And so there started a curious chain of events that led him to take up his former profession.

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It soon became clear that someone had designs on the Diamond T ranch and would stop at nothing to get it. Murder was afoot and, as tempers frayed, Tom realised that he had to find out who was behind it all - especially if he wanted to save a woman he deeply admired. Judge Wes Talbot was the youngest circuit judge in the history of the territory, a fact of which he was mightily proud, considering that he had started out as an enforcer of the law, rather than a dispenser of justice.

Wolf Creek Sniper Scene

When Wes tried Dan Meldrum, the defendant in the infamous Concord Massacre case, the evidence had been damning. Finding him guilty of rape and murder Wes sentenced him to be hanged. Yet Cash Meldum, the bounty hunter known as the deacon, was convinced of his brother's innocence and set out to make the judge pay.

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But then fate plays a hand and a gang of outlaws kidnaps Talbot's fiancee and her best friend. Now Wes himself is forced on the run and as events close in it surely looks like Nemesis for the Judge. Abe Gibson reckoned Dirtville to be as good a place as any in which to live a peaceable life. He had good friends, his saloon was doing well and the town had law. Then, within the space of a few days, everything changed. It all started when Zach Holmes, the town telegrapher, had had to relay a couple of strange messages to the sheriff. Shortly afterwards the stranger Ethan Grant was gunned down at one of Abe's card tables.

Then a beautiful woman shot herself in the head beside Grant's grave. As all hell broke loose, Abe figured that there had to be one person behind it all. But could he solve the mystery? Jake Scudder hauled Hank Lassiter from the jaws of death three times in twenty-four hours.